Albums: Most collectors use standard 3-ring binders as their albums; these can be obtained at any stationery store, or, very often, yard sales and the like, if you're looking for used ones. Hobbymaster, below, makes some very nice ones.

Pages: Pre-cut, slit paper pages for cover mounting have rapidly been replaced in popularity by the newer plastic pages. I'm not aware of anyone who produces the paper pages any longer, although there are certainly thousands and thousands already in existence. Your chances are good for purchasing nice used pages from collectors who are moving to plastic pages. Plastic pages offer transparent viewing of both sides of the cover at once, better protection, and no damage to the cover when inserting the covers into the pockets (if you're careful!)

Display Cases: You'll have to check these sources out for what they offer.

Software: Primasoft is the only company I know of that offered a software program for managing your matchcover collection. They no longer have a web site, however, so I assume they are no longer in business.

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