Note: a more comprehensive listng is available as Glossary of Terms (see References)
10-Strike - generic term for covers with 10 matches.
12-Strike - generic term for covers with 12 matches.
12-Up - Arrow Match Co. trademark for its 12-strike covers.
20-Strike - generic term for covers with 20 matches or that sized cover.
21 "Feature" - Lion trademark for its 21-stick Feature covers.
22 "Feature" - Lion trademark for its 22-stick Feature covers.
30-Strike - generic term for covers with 30 matches or that sized cover.
33 "Feature" - Lion 40-strike-sized cover, but with 33 matches.
40-Strike - generic term for covers with 40 matches or that sized cover.
100-Strike - generic term for covers with 100 matches.
200-Strike - a cover with 200 match sticks; souvenir-types.
240-Strike - a cover with 240 match sticks; souvenir-types.
Accumulation - As opposed to "collection," refers to an amassed group of covers or boxes which have not been organized into any logical fashion.
Action Match - Universal cover withby flared edges at the saddle when opened.
Adverap - Universal cardboard holder for a cigarette pack.
AMCAL - Associated Matchcover Clubs of California convention.
Ambassador - Diamond Match Co. 30-strike trademark.
American Ace - Universal Match Co. box trademark.
Americana - Category of covers having American history/scenic scenes.
Approved Match No. 7 - Early Diamond Match Co. manumark (1910-1918).
Aristocrat - Universal Match Co. 30-strike trademark (28 matches).
Atlas 45 - Atlas trademark for 30-strike with 45 matches.
Atlas Four Color - Current Atlas’s trademark for its color photo covers; introduced in 1965. 673 listed as of 7/99.
Auctions, Bulletin - a type of mail auction handled through a club’s bulletin.
B. P. O. E. - See Elks

Back (Back Panel) - on the outside of a cover, the portion between the saddle and striker on Reverse-Strike covers, or between the saddle and manumark on Front-Strike covers.
Back Striker (Back Strike) - see Reverse Striker, but this term is normally used to refer to the early reverse strikers.
Barrel Box - tubular-type boxes w/striker at top or bottom.
Base Friction - Diamond trademark for covers with strikers where the fold normally is.
Billboard - Universal trademark for one of its 40-strikes.
Blot-R-Match - Union Match Co. trademark for covers with insides designed to be ink blotters.
Bobtailed - cover which has had striker cut off.
Bridge Sets - Diamond covers with bridge scoring information on the inside; 1920s-1941.
Broken Set - incomplete set of covers or boxes.
Bryant & May - major British match company dating from mid-1880s to 1990s.
BS-CCBS - abbreviation for Universal footer: Be Safe - Close Cover Before Striking.
BW - standard hobby abbreviation for Best Western.
C.C.C. - Civilian Conservation Corps covers.
Caddy - box of matchbooks (50 per box).
Camel Single 30s - several thousand single 30s issued by bars, clubs, discos.
Cameo - Universal trademark for its debossed covers; one of the "Fancies".
Canadian Tax Stamps - circular excise tax imprints on older Canadian covers.
Case - box of caddies (2500 matchbooks).
Category - a specific topic or area in which covers/boxes are collected (i.e., Banks).
CC - standard hobby abb. for Country Clubs.
CCBS - abbreviation for footer: Close Cover Before Striking.
Cellopack - a small packet of matchcovers sealed in plastic wrap; usually sold as souvenirs.
Centurylite - Universal trademark for its 100- stick novelty matchbooks.
Checklist - a listing of companies, locations, etc., rather than matchcovers. see Index
Classic Collectible Souvenir - Atlas trademark appearing immediately above striker.
Classique - Universal trademark for Jewel-sized covers w/wooden matches glued in.
Classique 180 - Universal trademark for its 180-stick boxes
Click Matches - Italian-made matchbooks which open at the top via curved ends.
Cocktail Sets - Lion covers from the 1930s? Four distinct designs with 25 dif recipes.
Colgate - William Colgate, Diamond employee responsible for Diamond Group I designs
Comb - a row of matches as they appear in a matchbook.
COMBINE - US Navy Ship listing
Combo - usually a matchcover + postcard from the same business or location.
Congreve - or "Lucifer;" the first match invented by Englishman John Walker in 1827. See also Lucifers
Conjunctive - a cover or box that qualifies for more than one category.
Contact Set - covers that form a bigger picture when put side-by-side.
Contour - Lion trademark for customized die-cut 20-strikes.
Crowns - referring to Crown Match Co. covers.
Dealer Imprints - See Imprints
Debossed - opposite of embossed; design is pressed into cover’s surface, raising parts of the inside (i.e., Cameos)
Detached Striker - covers which have the striker stapled on; common in some foreign covers.
Diamond Match - Diamond footer.
Diamond Quality (DQ) - Diamond footer; 1923-1938.
Die-Cut - referring to covers w/customized shapes; the sides are not parallel.
Diplomat - Lion trademark for 30-stick covers.
Display - Lion trademark for its covers having a pop-up flap on the inside.
Double Length - mid-1950s Universal trademark for covers which folded out to a double length.
Drunkards Match - Lion trademark for its self-extinguishing matches; introduced in 1926.
Dupes - duplicate, or extra, covers
Eagle 20 - Columbia Match Co. trademark for its 20-strikes.
Eagle 24 - Columbia Match Co. trademark for its 24-stick covers.
Eagle 30 - Columbia Match Co. trademark for its 30-stick covers.
Eagles - see F. O. E.
Easel-Match - Lion trademark for its covers having a cut-out portion on the back panel which could be pushed out to allow the cover the stand up. Also "Eez-L’, "Easel Back"
Eddylites - Eddy trademark; 1977- present.
Elks (B.P.O.E.) - large Fraternal category.
Embossed - opposite of debossed; raised design on outside of cover; inside is thus pushed in.
Ephemera - paper collectibles (postcards, documents, etc); matchcovers are ephemera.
Errors - covers/boxes which have reached circulation with unintended mistakes.
Extend n’Ad - Universal trademark for its covers that featured peel-off labels for additional advertising.
F.O.E. (Eagles) - Fraternal Order of Eagles.
Fancies - large, general category for all fancy covers (Foilities, Cameo, Uniglo, etc.).
Feature - Lion trademark for covers w/pictures and/or printing on the match sticks [see also Printed Sticks, Full Book Features, Poster Feature].
Federals - Federal Match Co. covers from 1923-1942.
Filigree - Universal trademark for its covers with a raised, bubbled surface.
Flats - covers which have never been stapled, held matches, or often never even creased.
Florentine - Universal trademark for its covers featuring customized raised-ink designs.
Foilite - Universal trademark for its foil-printed covers; one of the "Fancies".
For Safety - footer used on various older covers.
Footer - text at the very bottom tip of a cover.
Freebie Table - table on which donated covers are put free for the taking.
Front (Front Panel) - this is the portion of the cover that is between the bottom of the cover (where the footer would be) and the saddle.
Front Flap (Top Flap) -extreme top flap of the cover, where the striker is on typical front striker matchcovers.
Front Striker (Front Strike) - a cover which has the striker located on the front flap, being visible when looking at the front of a closed matchbook.
Full Book - a matchbook with all the matches intact; opposite of a stripped cover.
Full-Frontal - cover with the design continued on the top flap.
Full-Length - cover which has the design/text running the full length of the cover; there are two types: 1) horizontal Full-length; 2) vertical Full-length
Gem - Universal box trademark.
Gem - covers by Gem Match Co; c. 1935-c. 1941.
General - category which denotes collector collects in all categories.
General - covers from General Match Co; 1890-c. 1951.
Giant - Lion manumark for its 11-stick, 9 1/16"x3 3/8" covers; 1936-c. 1993.
Giant Feature - Lion trademark for its Giant covers which are also Features.
Girlies - covers with nude/semi-nude/scantily- clad females.
Grant-Mann - Vancouver-based printing company responsible for very high quality color photos on some Canadian covers.
Green Hat - Albert Pick Hotels trademark; manufactured by Lion; 1926-c. 1927.
Group I - covers with no advertising issued in sets by Diamond during the 1930s, each set having a particular topic (i.e, baseball stars, football stars).
H/M/R - abbreviation for Hotels/Motels/ Restaurants category.
Head - the dangerous end of a match!
Hillbillies - covers featuring cartoons of Hillbillies.
Imprint - manufacturer’s ID on inside of cover; different from manumark.
Index - a listing of businesses, locations, etc. within a particular category (i.e., Airlines Index, Ship Lines Index, etc.); not to be confused with Lists, which actually list covers.
Jersey - covers from Jersey Match Co; 1935-
Jewel - Universal trademark for its 5 1/16"x1 7/8" covers (looks like a long 30-strike).
Jewelite - Universal trademark for its Jewel- sized, dye-cut covers (rounded sides).
Jobber - an independent salesperson, advertising agency, etc. that acts as a middleman between the manufacturer and the eventual customer.
Jupiter One-Eight - Universal trademark for its made-in-Belgium covers; glued-in 18 wooden matches.
Jute - Term describing covers that feature a recycled paper, shopping bag-type appearance.
Kaeser & Blair - Cincinnati advertising specialty company
King Midas - cover from King Midas Match Co. - c. 1939-c. 1944.
Knot Hole - covers having a hole in the front panel.
Label - the removable paper on which box advertising is printed (it can be soaked off).
Leatherette - covers having a leather-like surface.
Lenticular - Atlas trademark for its 3-D type covers; these covers feature a design/picture in a plastic panel that moves when the cover is tilted.
Lindbergh Cover - The 1927 Charles A Lindbergh matchbook issued for a dinner in Lindbergh's honor.
Lion 30 STICK - Lion Match Co. 30s used c. 1945-c. 1958.
Lists - listings of actual known covers within specific categories (i.e., DQ list, Girlie catalog, etc.).
Lone Star - cover from Lone Star Match Co; 1955-1956.
Lucifers - early type of match which gave off poisonous fumes.
Lucky Sticks - Lion trademark for match sticks w/poker hands printed on them.
Manhattan - cover from Manhattan Match Co1936-mid-1930s.
Manumark - the text line(s) near the striker on the front flap fold which identifies the manufacturer or the distributor.
Match Corp. - cover from Match Corp. of America; 1935-1967.
Match Safe - container for friction matches.
Matchbook - cover with matches; most collectors strip the matches out; hence, "matchcover".
Matchbox - hard cardboard, wood, or plastic container of matches as opposed to Matchcovers.
Matchcover -foldable cardboard covering for the matches in a matchbook; also used to describe a matchbook after the matches have been stripped out.
Matchorama - Universal trademark for its color photo covers; 1955-1987.
Matchtone - Universal trademark for its covers which featured a top flap with a different color and surface from the rest of the cover; 1979-1987.
Mendelson Opera Cover - Once thought to be first matchbook with advertising on it (1896).
Merchants Industries - a Bellefontaine, OH-based advertising specialty company.
Merit - cover from Merit Match Co; c. 1941-c. 1945.
Metallic - Universal trademark for its aluminum- covered covers; 1940-?; also a category for any such cover, regardless of manufacturer.
Midget - Lion trademark for its small 14-strike covers (3 3/16"x1 1/8").
Mirro-Gloss - Universal trademark for its covers glossy, laminated covers; 1941-?.
MM - abbreviation for Manumark. see Manumark.
Mounting - putting covers in albums.
N/S - abbreviation for Non-Stock; see Non-Stock
National Press - Chicago-based printing company; 1930s-c. 1940s.
Nationals - covers from chain businesses or advertising national products, store sets, etc. with no specific location.
Non-Stock - describing covers that do not use stock designs.
Novelty Covers/Boxes - unusual covers or boxes, usually produced by advertising companies (i.e., felt covering over cover, other foreign objects affixed to cover, etc.).
Odd-Striker - Lion trademark for covers with striker in an unusual location and shape; 1942- 1962.
Ohio For Safety - Ohio footer; c. 1920s-c. 1930s.
Overruns - extra matchbooks over and above what was ordered; usually farmed out to middlemen or discounted to the original buyer.
Owname - Owname trademark; 1925-1940s.
Pages - these are album pages (hand-sewn, slotted, or plastic pages.
Panel - a section of the outside of a cover (i.e., front panel, back panel).
Panorama Set - see Contact Set
Patented Sept. 27, 1892 - Diamond manumark famous as one of the earliest; 1896-1909.
Pearltone - Superior trademark for its covers with fine horizontal ridges running the width of the cover [not to be confused with Satin].
Perfect 36 - Diamond trademark for its 36-strike covers; larger than 30-strike size, but smaller than 40-strike size; 1948-c. 1952.
Perkins Americana - a long series of sets (and a few singles and variations) by collector Edgar A. Perkins focusing on American events and locations; saddle carries "Americana" plus Indian head; 1957- 1977.
Personalities - see VIPs.
Phillumeny - the hobby of matchcover collecting.
Piggy Back - see Sticky Back
Pillow - Admatch trademark for its boxes with a fold-over flap; 1991-present.
Pocket Wallet - Lion trademark for its covers having 2 flaps which formed a pocket for loose matches; very few known; early 1920s.
Pocketbox - Diamond box trademark.
Pocketbox Slim - Diamond box trademark; slightly smaller than Pocketbox.
Pocketbox Ultra Slim - Diamond box trademark; smaller than Pocketbox Slim.
Pop-Ups - see Display
Poster Feature - Lion trademark for its postcard- width covers (9"x6")
Pressing - the process of flattening stripped covers, often in some sort of vise-like device.
Printed Sticks - match sticks with words or simple designs printed on them; these are not Features.
Pull-Tabs - see Safe-T-Lite.
PullMatch - American Pullmatch Co./Canadian Pullmatch Co. trademark for its matches similar to PullQuick, but matchsticks are flat; 1936-1939.
PullQuick - Diamond trademark for its auto- ignitable matche. The striker was on the inside, next to the match heads; when you pulled out the match, it automatically ignited; matchsticks were round.
Pusey, Joshua - inventor of the matchbook (1892)[There’s some question as to an earlier inventor]
Puzzly Matches - Lion trademark for matchbooks whose matches made a picture when properly put together. c. 1930s.
Quality - footer (i.e., Diamond Quality, Empire Quality, etc.)
Rainbow - Universal trademark for its covers featuring a oily, multi-colored, pearl-like finish (not to be confused with Pearltone); 1979-1987.
Raised Ink - category of covers having text or designs raised above the surface by heavy/thick ink.
Rama - abbreviation for Matchorama
Rathkamp, Henry - one of the original founders of Rathkamp Matchcover Society.
Rathkamp Matchcover Society - the national hobby organization; 1941-present].
Resale - Matches purchased by wholesalers and retail chains for resale to consumers.
Reverse Striker - referring to a cover which has the striker on the back panel rather than the top flap.
RF - abbreviation for Royal Flash
RMS -see Rathkamp Matchcover Society
Room Hopping - onvention tradition in which a collector visits other collectors’ rooms and is allowed to take one of each type of cover that is set out.
Royal Flash - Universal trademark for its 40-strike covers; 1936-1987;
Run - an industry term referring to the production of a certain commercial order of covers; measured in cases.
Saddle - the portion of a cover between the two central folds; it divided the front and back panels.
Safe-T-Flap - Maryland Match Co. trademark for its covers with a T-shaped flap overlaying the matches. c. 1935-c.1942.
Safe-T-Lite - Universal trademark for its covers with tear-out tabs on front and back panels.
Safety First - old footer used by several companies in 1920s and 1930s.
Salesman’s Books - ref book from the manufacturer that the salesman could show to a prospective customer.
Salesman’s Samples - see Flats.
Satin - covers covered by satin threads, giving the cover a cloth-like appearance.
Scenic - rather vague category for covers which feature outdoors, countryish-type scenes; usually in sets.
Scored - referring to a cover which has the manufacturer’s creases allowing it to fold at certain points.
Set - covers which are related to each other (same business, sponsor, etc.) and are issued at the same time, as opposed to Series; a set comprises 2 or more covers; most run from 3-12 covers.
Shucking - see Stripping
Signet - Universal trademark for its deep-cut Foilite-type covers; the foil text/design is deep-cut (debossed) into the cover, giving that portion of it a chiseled look; 1963-1987.
Silktone - Universal trademark for its Satin-like covers.
Skillet - matchbox which has the advertising printed directly onto the box, rather than having a label.
Sleeve - a salesman’s item (rectangular cardboard holder) holding several matchbooks which could then be shown or mailed to prospective customers;
Souvenir - category for the larger sized covers generally available originally at souvenir stands (100-strike and larger).
Sovereign - Bryant & May trademark for 40- strike-sized covers (actually a little smaller).
Spot Striker - see Odd Striker
Sticky Back - category for covers with an adhesive strip on back panel for attachment to cigarette back; also called Piggy Back; c. 1955-?.
Stock Design - a cover design used on any number of covers.
Stop Lite - Diamond trademark for its self- extinguishing matches; also called Drunkards Match.
Striker - the abrasive strip on a matchbook or matchbox upon which a match is struck.
Stripping - the process of removing the matches from a matchbook.
Struck - referring to a cover or box which has had at least one match struck against the striker.
Super 45 - see Atlas 45
Swapfest - a smaller form of convention (more localized, held in the same area each year).
Swapping - see Trading.
Tall - referring to matchcovers (app. 4 7/8" or slightly longer) that are noticeably longer than modern ones; also called Xtra-Longs (XL).
Tear-Out Tabs - see Safe-T-Lite.
Ten-Strike - Universal trademark for its 10-strike covers; 1934-1987.
Trademarks - the manufacturers’ names for their various types of covers (i.e., Jewel, Signet, etc.).
Trading Stock - see Dupes.
True Color - Lion trademark for its color photo covers; very high quality; 1956-?.
Uniglo - Universal trademark for its covers with a deep, oily texture; 1972-1987.
Uniglo II - Universal trademark for a later version of the Uniglo covers; these are thinner; 1985-1987.
Union - cover from Union Match Co; 1926-1938.
United Engr. Corp. - NJ-based advertising/ specialty company; c. 1930s.
Used - see Struck
Vestas - A short match made of wood or wax that can be struck on a rough surface; first recorded use in 1839.
VIPs - covers that refer to well-known people.
Vertical - see Full-Length
Vista-Lite - Western Match Co. (Canadian) trademark for its color photo covers.
Wagon Tongue - Lion trademark for its covers having a small insert with advertising that has to be lifted before you can get to the matches.
Want List - a list of covers, almost always by numbers taken from a catalog listing.
Willats & Co. - San Francisco-based advertising or printing company, 1930s-1970s?.
Willens & Co. - Chicago-based advertising or printing company; c. 1930s-present?
Woodies - category for covers featuring a woodgrain background.
XL - referring to "extra-length" covers; also called 'tall'

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